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Sarabande – technical overiew

Sarabande assembly

The Sarabande is a circular monocoque structure, similar to aircraft, which enables the cabinets to be more rigid than rectangular designs.   And consists of 3 cabinets within each other.   The external finish is decorative steels, enabling a wide variation of finishes.

Fully-integrated 4-way active

The Sarabande is a fully integrated 4-way active sound-system. The electronics are housed in the elliptical aluminium plate on the front of the cabinet.   The outputs of the 4-way active crossover can be independently managed from the front of the elliptical dress plate, enabling the Sarabande to be calibrated with ease.



sarabande internal view


Depth - Warmth - Presence - Sparkle - are user friendly terms for the level-controls at the outputs of the 4-way active crossover to the four amplifiers.   The signal inputs are at the underside rear of the cabinet.   2 x RCA, XLR male/female allows Sarabands to be slaved/daisy-chained for functions and events.   The balanced XLR inputs have availability for isolation transformers if required.

Sarabande block diagram
Technical support

Sarabande is intended as permanent acquisition, similar to a high-quality musical instrument e.g. piano.   And will neither be outdated nor super-seeded.   Therefore the Sarabande utalises technology that will enable it to be maintained, literally indefinitely.   The amplifier module (elliptical decorative plate) and speaker drivers are directly mounted on the front facade and can be easily serviced or exchanged, if required.

Sarabande electronics
Sarabande wiring diagram

Technical support and service documentation is fully provided, to all customers and service agents throughout world.   The policy of Lenard Audio is "the music must never stop".


MOQ shipping is in batches of 20 units (10 pair).   Sarabands are prefabricated and the sections shipped to where they will be assembled.   Final assembly is completed in each market region.   This approach enables close customer relations and support.   Plus efficient investment management which often includes regional government support.

Sarabande assembly

Speaker drivers and electronic module are front loaded.   The 12in speakers are inserted sideways, through the opening for the amplifier module, and rotated into position.   Sarabande is finished in decorative steel.   Many options are available to change the finish in a way that is easy and creative.

Sarabande stock

Sarabande packaging dimensions

Sarabande transport tubes

Sarabande transport tubes are circular, extremely rigid and recyclable.   However we recommend storing the transport tubes for when the Sarabands need to be moved to a new home, event or function.

Sarabande models
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